Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Subtle Qualities of a Great Industrial Welder or Fabricator

Choosing an industrial welder or fabricator is a sensitive undertaking, especially considering the enormity of the task at hand. Even a minor mistake or oversight can compromise an entire project. Although experience, manpower and expertise are all great qualities to consider, there are a few more subtle qualities that indicate a top industrial fabricator.

Assurance of Safety

Some industry professionals don’t take the time to check the fabricator’s commitment to safety, which can lead to serious issues. At surface level, a fuel tank welding job may tick all the boxes, but if it is not safe, you might have a disaster waiting to happen. A safe welding job begins with use of the appropriate tools and welding methods for the specific job. Safety also extends to using high-quality and safety-approved materials. A safety failure or major accident can result in a significant financial burden, human toll and/or bad publicity, that can easily be avoided by checking the fabricator’s safety track record.

Access to Transport

You may hire the best welder in the business, but if you don’t get your finished materials on time, the quality of work may not matter. There are few things worse in industrial manufacturing or construction than paying for equipment and manpower at a work site where nothing is going on because the fabricator is late. Ensure that the company you choose has access to waterways, highways or railways – and a proven track record of shipping to your destination quickly.

Relevant Craftsmanship

A welding company may perform a stellar job with agricultural related projects, but the competency and craftsmanship may not translate to aerospace welding. It is necessary to choose a fabricator who has hands-on experience and a track record with your specific industry and type of job. Industrial fabrication relies on advanced and sophisticated techniques and equipment that don’t always apply across industries. Ensure that the welder you choose can meet your expectations.

Nadcap Certification

You may have inspected previous projects and called references, but it is still necessary to consider certification. Certification is important because the fabricator has to meet nationally or internationally recognized external standards of quality and safety. ISO 9001, AS9100 and Nadcap certifications are always a good sign.

Commitment to Quality

Finally, ensure that the fabricator you choose has clear and actionable quality assurance and quality control practices. A poor aluminum welding job can easily lead to an outage or safety issue at a plant or job site. A fabricator who has comprehensive internal and external quality control measures is a sure sign of a commitment to quality.

These are just some of the subtle signs of a great industrial fabricator. These areas are too-often overlooked and can lead to serious problems that could be avoided with a little more due diligence. A fabricator who embraces these principles makes a great partner for your projects, both large and small.

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